a southern slang term for marijuana , almost always refering to mexican schwagg, a common low grade cannibus readily available and blown for sheer quantity over quality.

dude man....the dragon is getting his sorry ass out of bed finally at 2 p.m. and he's bringn the freakin CARNAGE.... "brutal"....
by LordOgdenTheMerciless November 03, 2007
Pieces of dead animal ripped to pieces, could also be used in context with other serious shit
Did you see the carnage that was left of the side of the road?
by Ben G. April 05, 2003
bad ass mofo
i saw carnage today. at work.
by Carnage November 16, 2003
A meal, with meat as a primary component.
Wanna go grab some carnage? I'm hankering for some vittles.
by jgn November 19, 2002
Supreme RTS masta. You don't want to bring it if he's had time on the game. Not a strong UT playa, but don't count him out.
CaRnAgE verses the world on C&C Generals = CaRnAgE wins every time.
by PaintMonster June 11, 2004

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