Alisdair "The Machine" Hastie

of Morningside, Edinburgh.
"This is going to be carnage tonight mehhht"

aka "Ally Hastie is going to ram your door down you prick"

"Carnage Central tonight"

aka. "Alisdair Hastie will be drinking, smoking weed, breaking jaws (hint hint) and will be ramming doors down at Pollock Halls tonight"
by I've naeeeee iiideeaaa October 03, 2009
One of Spider-Man's enemies. He is the most psychotic. He is Venom's "son". His real name is Cletus Kasady. He is a red creature with large white eyes, and strange red tendril-like things coming off his body. He can shape-shift his limbs into bladed weapons. His powers enable him to stick to walls, increase his speed, strength, and stamina, and fire tendrils that can be used similar to Spider-Man's webbing.
Carnage is a bad ass.
by 000Venom August 25, 2008
Great and usually bloody slaughter or injury

Craziest, most insane, psychopathic Super Villain of all time. From the Spider-Man franchise
There was great carnage on the battlefield.

Carnage is the greatest Villain of all time. Period.
by Arshen August 12, 2008
awesomeness, chaotic chill, far beyond all phatty
Nyarl: Remember when Sulphur posted, in the before-time?
Faun: :lol total fucking memory carnage
by heh March 25, 2003
The god of all super villains. Easily the craziest bad guy to ever grace the pages of a comic book. It took the Marvel equivalent of Superman to kill this beast. Made of the nastiest stuff you can find and darn near unkillable.
Carnage found Spiderman and Venom hiding, killed them and then gave them to his children as toys. After digesting, he then ate his children and went on a mindless killing spree across the Marvel universe.
by Chris<3'sCarnage August 24, 2009
The carnage is simular to the spiderman however there a few new changes : When a girl is going down on you, and just before you climax you pull out of her mouth and nut in your own hand then dig in your ass take some shit out form it like a spear. Then fling the jism and shit spear at her face, as you jump to your feet, making sure to properly mimic Carnages slinging hand motions.Carnage (Cletus Kasady) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe
Keep it up bitch and i`ll bust a carnage on that ass !!!
by DIADORE October 11, 2010
describing an unpleasant situation, usually but not necessarily involving alcohol.
vomit everywhere before the bar= pure carnage
by the wordanator August 25, 2010

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