A vicious super villan on the 90's spiderman series. He is a phychopath who can turn his arms into bladed weapons using his alien symbiote suit.
Carnage will cut you up real nice
by Unknown July 09, 2004
Top Definition
if he is not spider-man's most vicious enemy, he definitely is one of them. One unstoppable fucker.
Carnage will fuck you up.
by adrian October 21, 2004
The only true meaning of this word is mass murder.
Every year there is at least one Carnage in the streets of America due to it's incredibly high crime rate.
by Skyboy September 08, 2005
Carnage- chaotic drinking mayhem. A night out which consists of sheer madness with friends, usually results in having "The Fear" in the morning due to crazy drinking antics!
Carnage= Drunkness, Racing in heels, jumping in the ocean/sea - ( winter is worse) , drawing on faces, stealing random pointless items from places such as glasses, posters, toilet signs etc. Going to roughly 4 or 5 after-partys after the after party you were at after your night out.
by EveyT May 09, 2010
unfortunate event or situation with seriously detrimental social consequences
eileen: i hear daniel's hooking sylvia
danny: isn't she wyan's girlfriend?
yish: yea...
all: ...carnage
by Yish August 24, 2006
1. Mass murder.
2. A nice Mayhem song. Euronymous' best.
3. Quite possibly Spiderman's worst enemy. One indestructible motherfucker!
Carnage wreaked Carnage while listening to his favorite Mayhem song, Carnage.
by Thrasher13 July 08, 2009
A sudden urge to cause mayhem where ever you are. destroying everything or anyone in your way!
by bcb forever October 08, 2010
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