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a smoking hot girl that has dirty blonde hair with sexy green and brown eyes. She has a amazing personality that just makes you want to smile. she's extremely athletic and has a amazingly hot body. a Carmen is the best kind of girl you could ever find to date. A Carmen has a cute face she makes when she thinks hard and a insanely sexy lisp that you'll love. Some special Carmens can be described as a Quin because of their amazing personality, great looks, and a nice butt ;) if you had to some a Carmen up you'd probably say "A once in a life time girl"
wyatt: I'm telling you man she not like any other girl i've like.

Devin: Well she must be a Carmen then.

Wyatt: ya she's a quin and a half.
by julie1964 March 13, 2013
A beautiful latina girl that walks like she owns shit and she'll make you fall inlove with her amazing smile and gorgeous eyes but is considered untouchable. She's probably a lesbian and doesn't care about anything. considered a baddie but also a goddess with her charm and cute looks. Most likely a pothead
Carmen is so beautiful! she's such a baddie too
by idctho1 March 07, 2014
Possibly the greatest solo artist in music history. Revered by divorced, middle-aged women and home-schoolers everywhere.
That was the raddest Carman concert ever.

"Did you know Carman travels with his own personal tanning bed?" "No, THAT'S AWESOME!"
by J-Sheezy August 27, 2006
Loves dogs! Can be very romantic, sweet, and caring. This girl can charm her way into any heart, before you ever see what's coming. Loves the idea of monogamy, but is constantly tempted and overcome by her obsession with infidelity. Does not always say the right thing at the right time. If you find yourself dating a Carmen, I warn you to keep your eyes open, because she will only hurt you. Is often known to have wandering eyes. But no matter what she does, or whose bed she finds herself in, you can't help but love a Carmen.
My girlfriend made out with someone in her car, but I forgave her because she's a Carmen.
by girlwhohatescheaters September 15, 2010
A girl who just isnt as good as Cameron ;o generally a hipster and not as good as cameron.. who is indie.
cameron always beats carmen!
by redpandawarrior December 27, 2011
a name for a girl usually referring to carmen electra. carmen electra is hot, pretty, and very sexy. when carmen is used for a guys name he is usualy bisexual or gay.
"Did you see Carmen Electra last night"
" Yes, she was sooo sexy !"
by budhathegreat May 23, 2009
Ohio State's learning management system, where instructors, TAs and students can collaborate and share course materials.
Did you post the grades on carmen?
by beep.beep October 28, 2008