A beautiful girl that just you can just never get out of your head. She's perfect in every way and yet the hardest to get. The girl that is the easiest to fall in love with. With a personality that just radiates from her being, and a smile Aphrodite would be jealous of.
I love you Carmen.
by JBush... March 21, 2013
Always one of the most beautiful women in the room. Lights up a room with her bright personality and great sense of humor. Generally thought of to men as "untouchable" due to her class, composure, and good looks, but is always down to earth and a great catch. Is generally a classy lady, but is a freak when needed. She is one of the sweetest, sassiest girls you'll ever meet, and is a true delight to know, and even better to love.
"Man, I love this girl, she's a total Carmen"

"Man, I'm so jealous, look how that Carmen gets all the attention"
by Kmasterfresh November 21, 2011
Carmen is an awesome person
by Bcuz February 22, 2011
1. Broheita. Girl who always gives 100%, what you see is what you get and max power.

2.Girl who has bro's backs.
Carmen my broheita, You sonova beetch!
by menpoo August 09, 2011
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. If she is destined for you, you will get her anyway. She will reject any other person just to be yours.
You must be my Carmen.
by carmenslover September 27, 2013
An awesome girl! Usually tall and huggable. Has an awesome taste in music and is always there for you. She loves joking about with friends and insulting them in a funny way. Sexy and cool!!
"Hey I have a girlfriend, she's called Carmen!"

"She shall be mine," -____-
by Tweety bird May 28, 2012
She's funny, nice, kind, sweet, and georgeous.She's that type of girl you always want to be around. She can always make you smile no matter if you're in a bad mood or just had a bad day. She's got the best personality ever and a great sense of humor. She has the most beautiful smile. It'll brighten up your day. She's one of those girls you cant seem to get out of your head. She's also the best you could ever ask for.
Wow. Carmen is the most beautiful and funny girl I've met!
by xFade3 March 15, 2014

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