A beautiful girl that just you can just never get out of your head. She's perfect in every way and yet the hardest to get. The girl that is the easiest to fall in love with. With a personality that just radiates from her being, and a smile Aphrodite would be jealous of.
I love you Carmen.
by JBush... March 21, 2013
Top Definition
A girl that you cant help falling in love with.
matt: who do you like?
aiden: carmen
Will: obviously
by coolestintown November 04, 2008
A girl who is commonly attractive, one who is giddy, spunky, bubbly, independent, and someone who will always be missed. A very beautiful girl who was and always will be loved.
I miss you, Carmen! :(
by kinstone February 03, 2010
A Very gorgeous girl most likley latina, great tan, sexy, free spirited, speaks her mind, isnt arrogant likes to meet different people, loves music and dancing. Knows how to dance and move her body.
Dare her to do stuff because she'll do it, seems shy but isnt dont miss the chance to ask her out because any guy will fall her for so she will be taken in no time, shes random and crazy 24/7 take her out or invite her to a party because she makes every party a billion times greater she is no hoe, whore, or slut. Will confront you if you talk shit about her she knows how to beat the shit out of you.
All the girls envy her, shes caring, loving always there for you.
If you think shes has a great body and is hot just wait til' she gets older she will have an amazing jucy ass and some big boobs with a rockin body she is every guys fantasy everyone will wanna make her theres.
Niggah!" What's that girls name? "Carmen" Hook me up!" " just Go talk to her carmen aint shy
by prettyboi swagg September 24, 2010
Pronounced Car-Men
Often swooned over by older men, carmens typically have wonderful looks, outgoing and comic peronsalitys, and nice boobs. Obsessed with certain things, mainly specific males, for short period of time. known for mingling with important people, ichatting with sexy boys, and swagging down hallways with class. well known for rockin dance moves.
Older Male: Omg carmens on ichat!
Older Males Friend: You know you love her just ask her out!
Older Males Other Friend: BACK OFF! carmen is mine!
by birdZwoman June 28, 2009
Always one of the most beautiful women in the room. Lights up a room with her bright personality and great sense of humor. Generally thought of to men as "untouchable" due to her class, composure, and good looks, but is always down to earth and a great catch. Is generally a classy lady, but is a freak when needed. She is one of the sweetest, sassiest girls you'll ever meet, and is a true delight to know, and even better to love.
"Man, I love this girl, she's a total Carmen"

"Man, I'm so jealous, look how that Carmen gets all the attention"
by Kmasterfresh November 21, 2011
Pronounced *Kar-men*

One who dances to old school Will Smith in cars and ghost hunts for fun. All in all, quite quirky with random-ness 24/7.
You are so random! Almost like a Carmen.
by spaciekadet May 02, 2008
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