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Uh,... Everything that that "Carmen Sexy Bitch" dude said. She's hot and all, but two things. One, she's like 4'11" and that's no good, and Two, she had sex with Dennis Rodman. I wouldn't touch any girl that touched that.
(don't) Watch Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave on MTV. It's slightly less retarded than Newlyweds.
by G-Union February 25, 2004
49 88
Recently fucked that rocker dude in the Mile High Club.
"The toilet's locked. Carmen must be fucking some rocker in there."
by Diego July 30, 2003
18 62
Model/actress (lol) Extremely overrated, looking at her face alone would lead one to believe that she was, in fact at one time, a man. I realize that she has a nice body, but you're only fooling yourselves if you can't appreciate a woman for everything she is and Carmen is a rotted beef pop on a slick stick with a dick.
Carmen Electra's face looks like poo warmed on a griddle and served with grits. With a name and a face like that, she's probably a robot.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
76 138