a fine babe who every1 wants 2 have a night with
im so stoked i had a gfo with carmen electra
by harry August 08, 2004
Sexiest woman in the whole fucking universe. Perfect face, fantastic bangable body, awesome eyes.... dude this chick could pee all over my chest cause I bet she pees Dom Perignon.
Give me Carmen Electra over Angelina-Overrated-Jolie anyday.
by Chad VanderGriff April 22, 2008
Sexy female who was a pornstar/moviestar for several years. Owns large breasts
by d - d June 13, 2003
the most hottest fucking woman in the UNIVERSE and to ever set foot on this planet and no other woman ever in the history of man will ever be hotter
carmen electra and i have fucked each other like animals every single night for the past 15 years and going for 45 more years
by Phil Cummings May 22, 2008
The most incredibly hot chik who has ever existed. She's a bitch for marrying that Dave Na-fucking-varro faggot, but i'd eat my dick to get a chance do her.
A Carmen Electra in your hand is better than two Pam Andersons on your bush.
by Deejai August 07, 2004
Uber-hottie (even gay men would do her).

Dave Navarro hit that shit.
MTV's ratings went up 4000% when they put that show on with Carmen Electra.
by Davezor January 28, 2004
HOT porn star/used to be rapper very nice big tits and a big ass had relationships with Dennis Rodman, Fred Durst and currently Dave Navarro.
yo carmen electra be hot furREEEL
by doggy March 24, 2004

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