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Whoreish pornstress originating from Hawaii. Oval eye-tay face, prone to 'porking' out and loosing weight causing her body to vary between wobbly bits and nasty saggy bits. Massive tits (globular) pear shape ass. Dark haired lovely former pornstar, famous for being " super freaky" getting down with humiliating acts of self defamation and or near violent strength hardcore porn. Career from 2005 - 2008 by which time " i was doing 3DP and a 3way a week" retired to go back to her first love being a whore in las Vegas, where to this day can be see stripping,dancing and sucking cock. Rumoured to cost £500 for an hour.
you are more of a dirty slutbag than Carmella Bing paralytic on holiday in the Virgin Islands.
by suzerain September 16, 2008
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A very sexy porn star. She has appeared in over 100 films and has worked under many stage names as well.
Standing at 5'10, Carmella Bing has 36GG breasts.
by Dancing with Fire October 31, 2011
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