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Someone who is very very hench(stong)
Woahh, your well Carmel
by BobTedd April 17, 2008
A city in Indiana where there is too much drama, everybody is spoiled and rich, and all the kids are snobby :)

Also, hated by other cities nearby for our awesomeness.
Kid 1: That guy looks nice.
Kid 2: He's from carmel.
Kid 1: Nevermind, I hate him.
by iheartkesha March 18, 2011
1. The improper spelling of the word "caramel," a sauce made over the stove from sugar, butter, and the occasional addition of cream.
The ignorant second-grade dropout couldn't find carmel sauce in the grocery store because it doesn't actually exist.
by Annikka January 27, 2007
Location in New York.
Exits 15-18 of I-84

Carmel is a town so small, if you blink you will most likely miss it. Kennys Carpet One seemes to be the point of referance to everyone. Nothing comes from Carmel but queers and steers. The town of Kent is usually referd to the "Town of Cunt" by Carmels visitors. There Dunkin Donuts suck seriously.

Sally: I dated a boy from Carmel, we brok up because he was gay.
Mary: Let me guess, hes gotta be from the town of Cunt..i mean Kent.
by CEG32509 April 01, 2009
pronounced CAR-MULL. A city in Hamilton County, Indiana with a population of some 66,000 in 2007 and a posh suburb of Indianapolis. Probably the only “wealthy” community in Indiana. Many Hoosiers mistakingly believe Carmel is rich and envy its residents for some reason. It is no doubt a very nice and growing community but the truth is that there are tons of similar-sized communities around the country with way more money than Carmel could ever dream about, making it only an upper middle-class community. It’s not even the richest community in the Midwest by a long shot. In fact, a similar but smaller community of Zionsville to the immediate west could rival Carmel’s wealth per-capita, except they don’t brag about their perceived “wealth” and know how to respect individuals who have less than they do.
Hoosiers have no reason to be envious of Carmel because it is only an upper middle-class community. Many Hoosiers are jealous of its perceived wealth because they have no life of their own, but yet enough time on their hands to insult those who have worked for a living to obtain what they have. How jealous and childish. If your life sucks, then change it.
by krock1dk March 26, 2008
a pathetic low class, poor town over populated with sluts and girly men. not to mention, that my grandma can score a touchdown on their football team. they think they're hott shit when everyone knows they lose every year to mahopac. mahopac is such a rich as s amazing town thats got nothing on us. i hate living in fucking carmel, it blows my 2 incher.
carmel embarrases themselves with saying homosexual disses like "vacuum pac" when they all know they're going to lose every game they verse against pac, whether its soccer, field hockey, football or a thumb war.

we're so pathetic, we show up at mahopacs homecoming even though we're not even playing them. thank god john jay burned some of our turf, maybe our team won't play on it anymore.
by carmel hater October 25, 2008