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An orgasm that is less sexual and more joy-filled that originated from looking at a car, sitting in a car, looking at a picture of a car, being in a presence of a car, or other things relating to cars.
I sat in a Vanquish today and I got the biggest cargasm!

I saw a pic for the new Demon! Total cargasm!
by Syn122 January 21, 2009
What you have when you see a ride so fly that you shoot a load in your pants.
"Look at that car!"
"Ohhhh, man, I think I just had a Cargasm"
by 8E4Vette July 03, 2003
The intense feeling of insurmountable pleasure received when one views, drives, or hears an automobile unlike any other.
Damn, I had a cargasm at the exact moment that my "Jap piece of shit" Lexus TOASTED cory's "built to fail" Crapstang.
by Cory sucks April 16, 2006
The event in which a person (usually male) exhibits orgasm like symptoms in the presence of a rare and/or exquisetly modified automobile.
"When Nate saw that Lambo sittin on 24 inch blades, he had a car-gasm."
by Cody October 28, 2003
The intense moment of pleasure one gets from a vehicle, whether seeing, drivvng, or hearing it.
I had a cargasm when I hit third and wasted that jap piece of shit honda
by cory March 21, 2005
I think it is pretty much self explanatory if you ask me...You see a HOT car...and you just can't contain yourself!
Everytime I see a Nissan Skyline GT-R I have a car-gasm! Which may be better than the real thing!
by EMO IS THE NEW COUNTRY! March 09, 2006
what you get when you google a bugatti veyron or a lamborghini reventon
when i watch a video with a reventon or bugatti in it...i have a cargasm
by oneday May 29, 2009