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a person who watches out for you when trying new and different drugs; usually thee experienced person or the person with less intrest in the drug; person who keeps you outta trouble
Bob- "Dude, I wanna shroom. Wanna be my caretaker?"

Jim- "Sure thing, man"
by mu$!c$c33n3qu33n October 22, 2008
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One that cares for everyone.
Person1:Why do you like her.
Person2:No one deserves to be left out.
Person3:Why are you so caretaker?
by TheBalancer February 09, 2014
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The name used for a Pickup Artist in the Bella Bella district South Africa
Did you see Caretaker bang those Bella Bella girls last night?
by Tottielover July 28, 2011
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One who "Takes Care" of all the business in any aspect. But mostley Gaming, ya, most definetley gaming, O, and eating.

for example in BF2 if you get in a chopper fight with a caretaker..... your screwd, Or in CSS shotgunfights.... your screwd, or if theres three hotdogs and your with a caretaker and he want 2.... your screwd
by thecaretaker91 September 13, 2006
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