a negative expression denoting lack of interest or concern
"did you hear about that really tragic earthquake in haiti?"
"no... carebears"
by smemily2605 March 14, 2010
person who wants to make the best and fairest decision for everyone in a difficult situation. they try to please everyone because they simply have not realized that it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time.
martha caught steve sleeping around with sharon last night, so martha decided to call stefanny to see what she should do. stefanny suggested that martha share steve with sharon so it would be fair. martha was quickly enraged and told stefanny to stop acting like a carebear, and she hung up in stefanny's face. stefanny didnt think of herself as a carebear at all..
by Love-A-Lot Demon June 22, 2009
A word used by unemployed/unemployable males to describe anyone who they dislike in a game.
These nerds will often be in their 30s and 40s,and have no life outside of their online world.
In real life,they would be considered an 'outcast' type,and have low self esteem,enjoy reading comics and watching sci fi cartoons.There is a high possibility of a goatee beard.
They will think theyre badass because they play xbox 360 games on hard.
"dude,like these carebears like totally ruined <game name>. Ill pwn their carebear asses if they come back,drive them off the server! They dont know what a real mans MMO is all about!"
by tezza2008 March 11, 2008
Giving a long, lingering, often awkward hug while whispering sweet nothings into one's ear.
She wouldn't give me her number after I carebeared her.
by oxnestlexo August 15, 2011
A Carebear was originaly a PK guild in UO. For a history search the MUD-Dev archives of Usenet for the term.

Over time it has been twisted to be an insult. It usually refers to any online gamer who refuses to take part in PvP or wants to see all pvp removed from online games.

It can also be used to refer to people who want to see a censoring of all possible 'objectionable' material from an online experience.
That carebear is trying to get them to remove all the smoking referecnes in the game!
by Merusk November 27, 2004
Someone raised by the Noids, a cult dedicated to raising children with adult bears. Inspired by the insipid 1980's cartoon, "The Care Bears", the cult thrives on the concept of returning man to nature with kindness and good will towards all. Children are taught to speak, but must learn to either survive or die at the hands of their Bear brethren. Few children survive, but those who do are often pillars in their community, combining their natural sense of survival with an animal like zeal for adventure, food and sex.
Gay Man: Oh, that George W is fabulous! He's such an alfa male

Gay man 2: Of course he is! He's Care Bears, hun.
by Judicus September 29, 2005
a term for female genitalia; the cooch
"I shouldn't have had so much Pabst Blue Ribbon last night and slept with that dirty hipster, cuz now my carebear is on fire."
by sailormoon123 March 02, 2010
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