cute little bears that try to save the world from evil people or people that need help...mostly children
Awwww...Care Bears are so cute!!!!
by Care Bear obsesser October 05, 2003
An MMORPG player that plays nothing but PvE content. Often feels entitled to PvP rewards and acheivements even if they have not participated in any PvP, but is opposed to PvP players earning raid gear through PvP activities. Spends countless hours on the forums trying to either ruin or completely eliminate PvP and its players from whatever game they happen to be playing. Has absolutely no idea that other players (with different tastes) exist as well. You are a "kiddie" if you don't agree with them.
"The care bears from WoW and RIFT are invading Guild Wars 2."
by YouWhineCauseYoureBad October 15, 2012
Name used in online gaming, particular MMORPGs, refering to players who do not enjoy PvP or RPK. Playing style prefers to play nice, enjoys fighting Mobs, and doing other non-pvp related things, such as tradeskills like cooking (ie, baking cakes or fishing, etc.). Usually picked on by rpk'ers. Not very skilled in player versus player fighting.
Dude, that guild KGB is the worst bunch of Care Bear noobs I have ever seen!
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
1. A player who detests Player versus Player (PvP) gaming and whines about how it ruins their gaming enjoyment.

2. A player who is killed or has a loss through theft and then complains about player harassment.

3. A player who focuses their gameplay strictly on crafting or other non-competitve activity.

4. A player who is afraid of getting ganked by other gaming players.

5. Players more concerned with "coloring" their houses, clothing, names, etc... than with playing against other people in a competitve gaming environment.

6. A player who ruined the PvP MMORPG industry by complaining so much that PvP MMORPG development is rare.
"I think everyone can agree that nerfing does no one any good, Except for the carebear that was bitching about getting killed by that class while fighting a mob."

"Call me a carebear, I don't care cos I'll just kill you..."

"This game will pwn and I can't wait to be the quasi carebear! I'm a sucker for crafting!"
by Preston November 05, 2004
an endangered species most commonly seen lurking in the shadows of San Diego
That care bear almost took my chocolate
by lin thursday August 09, 2009
MMO video game term often used in EVE Online.

Definines someone whose playstyle involves very little or easily quantifiable risk. Often confused with players who PvE for ingame money.

Carebears are the players who are risk-averse and will only engage in PvP when the outcome is predictable (and ideally, profitable)
Did you see xyz players? They never fight without three to one odds! Huge carebears!
by livinggamer October 08, 2010
Massively Multiplayer Online term: One who prefers Player Versus Environment (PVE) combat to Player Versus Player (PVP) combat. This is the official definition.
"That guy is such a care bear. All he does is farm mobs harvest."
by Cigars April 22, 2009
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