1. A player who detests Player versus Player (PvP) gaming and whines about how it ruins their gaming enjoyment.

2. A player who is killed or has a loss through theft and then complains about player harassment.

3. A player who focuses their gameplay strictly on crafting or other non-competitve activity.

4. A player who is afraid of getting ganked by other gaming players.

5. Players more concerned with "coloring" their houses, clothing, names, etc... than with playing against other people in a competitve gaming environment.

6. A player who ruined the PvP MMORPG industry by complaining so much that PvP MMORPG development is rare.
"I think everyone can agree that nerfing does no one any good, Except for the carebear that was bitching about getting killed by that class while fighting a mob."

"Call me a carebear, I don't care cos I'll just kill you..."

"This game will pwn and I can't wait to be the quasi carebear! I'm a sucker for crafting!"
by Preston November 05, 2004
...often used as an insulting term that could mean either of the following:

1. A MMORPG player who is against player vs. player (PVP) game playing.

2. A MMORPG player who is a "newb" to PVP game playing.
We're player versus players on this game server -- go back to the carebear server.
by nolan May 20, 2003
the deamon of the toy world
it is a degrating devilish ploy to scare toy collecters everywhere...........WE WILL OVER COME!!!!!
that new carebear that i got my sister has been hissing at me and i swear that i saw it with a gun and a killing geasture across his neck.
by Lucas Strader July 12, 2005
A guy that is used by girls, but not for money, but as a shoulder to cry on, the boyfriend with out the benifits,

a guy who is always there for the girl but she is not always there for him
Joe is a "carebear", hes always there to hold that girl in her time of need, why dosnt she just go out with him? everyone can tell hes perfect for her and he seems like he loves her...
by Frankie nj April 16, 2007
1.)One who does not like to participate in PvP (Player vs. Player) combat, afraid they will lose exp or delvl. Most commonly a noob who has tried to PvP before and has miserably failed.
2.)One who does nothing besides farm materials/adena/money/recipes/items despite the server rates or continuosly rerolls characters.
1)You're wearing A grade armor and I'm only B grade, yet you still won't flag you stupid carebear.
2)You need to stop being a carebear farmer and start learning how to PvP.
by RichZ November 15, 2005
Any individual in a Massively Multiplayer Online environment that touts ones own playstyle above all others, at the cost of others.
The common Carebear, being someone who despises being interrupted by PKers in a PvP environment or is generally pacifist.

And the just as common Carebear, being someone who despises any limitation on being a PK.

Ie: Anyone can be a Carebear provided they have a limited enough scope to only see their own playstyle as the viable standard.
by Lysandor November 08, 2005
1- Nonsensei
2- Person who cannot handle playing on/as Player vs. Player (Servers) in online roleplaying games.
Nonsensei is a carebear.
by That Guy February 27, 2005
A person who plays a well known Player vs. Player game (PvP), but is terrified of actual PvP. Also known as a sissyor a bed-wetter. Plays on easier servers where they can toss flowers and poems at each other, and still insist that they are equal in playing ability.
Tom saw an equal level horde. He then peed on himself and ran away. Tom is a carebear.
by Axhilde February 25, 2005
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