A player in any MMO/MMORPG who has a habit of treating opposing players friendly and helping them rather than conquering/prevailing.
"Look at Charles helping that Tauren over there rather than killing it. He's such a care bear."
by Stiffwippy April 25, 2007
Top Definition
Term applied by PvP (player vs. player) participants in an online role-playing game to those players are disinterested in PvP conflict. Usually derogatory.

Antonyms: Ganker, griefer, PK scum.
Me and the boyz used to gank everybody at the crossroads, before the damned carebears got the rules changed.
by Yukon Sam March 10, 2005
1. Lightly derogatory term for an MMO player who avoids PVP combat, heavily preferring cooperative or solo PVE combat, chatting, or developing tradeskills/running quests. Depending on the game and the individual, this PVP avoidance can show up in several ways: by playing on strict non-PVP servers; by avoiding PVP areas or declining duels; or, by avoiding or condemning PVP players. Philosophically, they often cite unbalanced combat systems, overpowered guilds, ebayed characters, and ganking as reasons to prefer less aggressive play. The mindset can be self-sustaining in several ways: high-level "care bears" may have avatars that are tailored for PVE, not PVP; they may not network with skilled PVP players; or, they may morally refuse to learn aggressive PVP tactics. As an insult, the term applies less to players who merely prefer PVE to PVP and more to individuals who question the basic legitimacy of PVP or who greatly overreact to their avatars' deaths. Bear in mind that it is strictly incorrect to refer to the victims of heavy exploiters as Care Bears. Abbreviated CB. Compare with RPK, Player Killing/PK, PVP.
2. Adjective describing a strictly PVE server or game.
1. PVP: *kills CB*
CB: What the ****? I didn't do anything to you; why did you kill me?
PVP: You were there.
CB: This is bull****. Go away!
PVP: *kills CB again*
CB: Quit camping me! WTF is wrong with you?
PVP: You were still there.
CB: *logs out*

2. Player 1: Hey, why don't you come over to Final Fantasy XI? I'll get someone in the guild to level you up.
Player 2: Sorry, I prefer PVP MMOs; FFXI would be way too Care Bear for me.
by Alfred F. April 21, 2007
A popular 80's cartoon, that has recently come back into style, and features bears that shoot some kind of healing light out of their tummies. Also cared for the entire world, somehow.
Care Bears live in their kigdom in the clouds, called Carealot.
by AliceIn Wonderland September 22, 2003
Back in the day, Carebear referred to a person or a game mechanic which eliminated or reduced all risk and challenge and realism from the game.

These days people throw the term carebear around to mean ANYTHING derotagory. Want to craft? You're a carebear! Don't want to play an mmorpg like a first person shooter? You're a carebear! Don't like to play the game like I play the game? You're a carebear!

The term carebear has become mangled and meaningless. But it used to mean something important to hardcore gamers.

Examples of the ORIGINAL term are:
No full loot was "carebear"
Safe zones were "carebear"
Limits on who you can attack and where you can attack them were "carebear."
Limits on freedom in general were "carebear."
Instances were "carebear."

Carebears were people who wanted devs to develop/change games to make their gaming experience easy, safe, and cozy. No risk, no challenge, no realism. Cozy like a carebear.
by princedrake August 21, 2007
In the MMORPG Eve-Online (www.eve-online.com) a Carebear is a character who stays in Concord (police) controlled space and never ventures into unsecured "0.0" space.

Unlike previous MMORPG related definitions, an Eve carebear doesn't necessarily eschew Player-vs-Player activity - a carebear may actually be a pirate or griefer who specifically stays in Concord controlled space to prey on new players (noobs).

Carebear pirates are commonly considered a cowardly form of pirate.
My character is in a carebear corporation; I never leave high security space.

He's a carebear pirate because he hangs out on the border of high-security space to gank noobs.
by shagsthedustmop March 06, 2006
A derogatory label and self assurance, used by little boys, whose only baddassery, comes from making their cartoon characters jump around and hit other players real good. Their fragile egos exist only in the form of number of PVP kills earned in a video game and are thus, sadder than you.
Used as a form of counter whining, and childish ad homonym to express frustration at the fact that other players may not enjoy having a 14 year old with self esteem issues and an internet based upbringing, or some 40 year old virgin who dry humps his keyboard for 22 hours a day- killing them while they're trying to play a game.

Those who use this phrase are usually used to chat speak and are generally unable to form complete sentences and original thoughts due to the brain filled with hopes of honor points and other such virtual pride.

Talk about how much a pussy people who aren't into PVP are but offline are the biggest chickenshits around. They honestly think anyone with pubic hair actually considers them to be intimidating.

Used by people who have no life outside a video game.
You may call me a carebear because I'm "afraid of PVP" but if I unhinged your Dorito specked claws from the keyboard and put a woman in front you...well, you'd probably wet yourself.
by FlowersInMidgar4 September 12, 2008
A series of popular animal characters from the 1980s. They started out appearing on greeting cards in 1981, but became a line of stuffed toys and a cartoon in 1983. They were popular through much of the 1980s, but died out in the early 1990s. They have made a comeback today however. The Care Bears appear as multicolored bears with various symbols on their tummies that illustrate their personalities and caring missions.
The original 10 Care Bears were: Bedtime, Birthday, Cheer, Friend, Funshine, Good Luck, Grumpy, Love-a-lot, Tenderheart, and Wish Bear.
by M. Wiesner Jr. February 12, 2005
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