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the cup of caring.
\_/ <- empty care cup = uncaring.
Z jKc Z: \_/ please fill my care cup
by zjkcz November 05, 2006
Object used on the Intranet to show just how much you don't care about something someone says.
Elana : I'm so pretty!1!
John : \_/.
Elana : What is that??!
John : My Carecup, notice how it's empty?
by JMartinen February 26, 2008
To show you really really dont care what someone has to say
Guy 1- Dude i just like pwnt some silly n00bs lolz.

Guy 2- c(_) <-> Care cup, its empty

Guy 3 - Oh, ok
by ripper11211 May 12, 2008
The act of not careing at all.
Michael S. - BRO, I've finally shaved my pubes!

Chany S. - Bro my \_/(care cup) is empty
by chan channx4 May 30, 2011
Shows lack of interest.
J: OMG I just g0t gank'd.
S: c__ <-- My care cup is empty mufu.
J: :<
by SHUAN October 09, 2006
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