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A husky, unattractive creature indigenous to the midwest. It has underdeveloped senses, and sometimes can seem almost completely oblivious to the most obvious stimuli. Some zoologists believe this is due to its preternatural self-absorption, which at times leaves it at risk to attack from its natural predators.
"What do I have to do to get through to this guy? Tattoo my feelings on his forehead? What a cardone!
by Auguste Rodin June 29, 2010
82 25
One who loves to gargle balls of other men who also enjoy the gargling of balls. Often fluent on broken stupid. The kind of guy who says he can sell a ketchup popscicle to a woman in white gloves. Really the only thing he's selling is a line of bullshit to other bullshitters who have begun to drink the "Kool Aid". A blatent waste of valuable oxygen. Someone who can no longer sell cars so he just tries to tell other idiots how to sell them.
That Cardone guy is all hopped up on the booger sugar.
by Grant Cardone January 07, 2010
94 28