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Masculine Name: A cardinal c the nazi is a first class moron you promote in a big box environment in view to obtain results. A cardinal c the nazi will rule his regime like fake hitler, while getting rid of people with the most modern methodology, by dismissing them with or without cause (Please Note: His emphasis is on dismissals without cause as he does not have the skills nor the potential to pick up a law book, nor did he ever had the opportunity to do his college best where they just opened the door for him - like they would at DeVry).

The best way to avoid a cardinal c the nazi is by staying in school, and getting an education promptly, higher than college preferably.
Boss: In the office now!

Clerk: What now boss?

Boss: I was told you destroyed a computer. You will now get out of my store, you will not pass go, you will not get to claim your $200 which is your Statutory pay and your employment insurance! You are OUT!

Clerk: you fucking cardinal c the nazi - HOW DARE YOU!? How do you sleep at night? How is your dead grandmother doing????!
by CanYouHandleDaTruth January 05, 2014
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