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1. A player in rummy who picks up the discard pile to prevent another player from picking up a certain card, in particular, the card they needed to finish a set or run.

2. The player who has control in the game hearts.

3. Anyone who knows all the rules to several card games.
"Man! I was going to pick up that 7 if Jeff wasn't such a card whore!"
by aSyntaxError April 02, 2009
a person, primarily a woman, that is usually prude that sends everyone cards for birthdays or other ocassions. this woman usually has very large breasts.
"dude that girl says she doesnt want to bone but she keeps sending me cards every holiday"

"haha thats funny she sends me cards to"

"she must be a card whore!!"
by ssjumper89 November 19, 2009