one who scams cards out of purses in order to feed his child
i watched him swim with the churchy and now he's the card shark
by pro noun brown October 18, 2003
Top Definition
One who is very proficient at card games.
Don't play him, he's a card shark.
by tradesman July 10, 2003
One who, through a combination of skill and conning tactics, is able to coerce card players into senses of false security, then easily defeat them and earn large amounts of money. Also known as card sharp. See pool shark
I lost $1200 to that card shark. And I thought I had the upper hand...
by Majuju July 09, 2003
a skilled card player (no longer is the word necessarily pejorative)
A card shark was strutting his stuff at the other table.
by The Return of LIght Joker March 03, 2009
1. An individual that is very good at games that involve playing cards of some sort

2. An individual that sews until the wee hours of the morning, often losing sleep over correct stitching methods or zipper attachment. Beware when this type of individual does sleep, however, for there is often a strong, pungeunt draft that occompanies slumber.

See: windtunnel
1. That guy playing Texas Hold-em is a total cardshark.

2. Dude, CardShark over there totally just cut one as he slept!
by Pedobear February 23, 2005
A skilled competititor in the world of playing cards. I.e. Poker, Blackjack etc
Don't play Jim at Poker. He's a card shark!
by Neil D July 08, 2003
A person who is very good at playin cards; like poker, blackjack, etc. Many times they hustle you.
Yo, that mofucker over there is one bad card shark, dude.
by Dutch July 10, 2003
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