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A sexual act where the male stands and the female (or another male) sits behind on a skateboard, reaches up between the male's legs and gives him a handjob while he tows her around the room. The female is the "caravan".
I went caravanning around the living room with my girlfriend the other day.
by Dronevil September 03, 2007
Spending £12,000 to go to a field and defecate in a bucket
Jeremy Clarkson: Tell me, what can we do now we're on a caravanning holiday?
Random old woman: Fill up the loo.
by M2Ys4U July 20, 2006
Caravanning is similar to a Van Party But it's done in Dodge Caravan (1995 SE to be more accurate) also; listening to Porn grooves or Z103.5, yelling at pedestrians and scaring old people.
Yo G! Caravanning at lunch!
Dude Bro Sick!
by Dmitry markou February 20, 2005
When you dicking her ass and you slip your nuts into that pussy to tow along for the ride
dude, I was caravanning your girl last night.
by Dislxic August 15, 2015

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