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Spending £12,000 to go to a field and defecate in a bucket
Jeremy Clarkson: Tell me, what can we do now we're on a caravanning holiday?
Random old woman: Fill up the loo.
by M2Ys4U July 20, 2006
A sexual act where the male stands and the female (or another male) sits behind on a skateboard, reaches up between the male's legs and gives him a handjob while he tows her around the room. The female is the "caravan".
I went caravanning around the living room with my girlfriend the other day.
by Dronevil September 03, 2007
Caravanning is similar to a Van Party But it's done in Dodge Caravan (1995 SE to be more accurate) also; listening to Porn grooves or Z103.5, yelling at pedestrians and scaring old people.
Yo G! Caravanning at lunch!
Dude Bro Sick!
by Dmitry markou February 20, 2005