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No idea, seen him in a banner ad on this site... Is he on the sopranos?
Last night I was watching sopranos and caravaggio made a guest appearance
by Smelly July 14, 2003
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badass damn painter renaissance
Carvaggio is defined in one word: Badass.
Son of a bitch was the most bitchin' painter around 1600 A.D., and he brawled his way around Italy.
He was so badass, the Pope fucking pardoned him for killing some dude in a bar, just so he could come back to Rome (he had been on the run) and paint for some Renaissance-era Christian mercenaries/pirates who just so happened to love epic art.
Damn, son. Damn.
Art student: Professor, who was the guy who painted multiple grotesque beheadings SO BEAUTIFULLY?

Art professor: You must be referring to Caravaggio. *does not try to hide gleam of admiration in eyes* Damn, he was a badass.
by InAweOmg February 06, 2010
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no doofus, he was an artist. read the whole banner ad, it's talking about not enough art being in our schools.
when people think caravaggio is a guy from the sopranos, there's not enough art in our schools. blah blah, give us money.
by charlie July 16, 2003
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Somethign Some Idiot WOuld Put inna banner so peple liKe me COulD Read aNd looK at...
by Colin August 08, 2003
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