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That's "dick" in Portuguese
Vai pró Caralho - Go Fuck Yourself
by António August 18, 2003
197 93
Taboo Portuguese word for the male sexual organ, but it is also commonly used as an expletive or to express emotions like surprise, for example. Can also be used as a noun referring to someone, either out of exasperation or without meaning to offend.
Estúpido do caralho! - You fucking idiot!

Aquele caralho já me está a chatear. - That fuck is getting on my nerves.
by kakihara June 21, 2006
336 74
1.vulgar word for 'penis';
2."brazilian slang, a very handy word to express pretty much any sort of emotion when starting up a sentence. NOT to be used in any formal situation or around formal people, unless you want their undivided attention". (shamelessly stolen parts of a small blog)
3.used at the end of a sentence, in order to imply an undefined amount of intensity to some subject/action.
caralho! (damn!); caralho! que bom! (oh shit! this is great!); pra caralho (as a fuck)!
by J6025e November 04, 2004
238 89