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A really far place that one doesn't wish to go to or a place that's far and it's a pain to get to.
Miguel, originally from Miami, moved to Upper East Carajo Land, New York.
by the spic May 10, 2006
An area way way way deep in the Bronx that is not easy to reach.
Paul lives where? That's all the way the hell in Carajoland!
by IronCharManda May 09, 2010
some where really far in walking distance as in a mission to walk. but drivable too. lol
Diablo thats in carajo land
by Ivelises June 12, 2007
Used by people who use the term carajo

A spanglish term for hell, or just a really awful place or a place in a really remote or hot area; the boonies.
Jason lives in carajoland.

If you hit me with that ball, I'm gonna throw it all the way to carajoland.
by h0mi May 03, 2004
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