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Portuguese slang. Usally used as a generally non-ofensive form of caralho.
Grande como o carago (Enormously big)
Caro como o carago (Too expensive)
Fixe como o carago (Enormously cool)
Vai para o carago (Go fuck yourself {as a joke} )
by Jorge April 27, 2004
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Carago: common names: Carao, Carag├╝e, Caragua, Bukut. Official name: Cassia Grandis

Carago is a deciduous subcanopy tree (15-30 m) notable for its striking, pink pastel-colored flowers as well as its persistent, strong-smelling, and cylindrical woody pods. Each woody, indehiscent fruit is up to 75cm long, wide (5-6 cm), cylindrical in shape and contoured by elevated striations and ridges. Inside, transversely oriented compartments with papery walls contain flattened, round, tan-colored seeds (1.5 cm) as well as large amounts of thick, strong-smelling, dark-colored honey. The pungent honey found abundantly in carago pods is sometimes mixed with milk and used as a refreshment. It is said to have medicinal properties and, among other things, to help fight anemia and add iron to the blood. A liquid antiseptic can be obtained from carago roots and leaves, while its flowers are used in other household remedies. Carago is widely planted as an ornamental tree.

Carago trees range from southern Mexico, to Surinam and Brazil.

by Ricco Lei July 08, 2009
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