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When you go to a dealership and test drive a car you know you're never gonna buy.
"Hey wanna go car rape the hona place down the street?"

"So I heard Sally car raped the chrystler 300, she couldnt afford the tires for it!"
by 2010Camero March 18, 2010
To run over someone with your car.
1. Moments after I was fired from my job and was totally pissed off for it, I saw my boss walk across the parking lot, quickly got into my Mustang, and then car-raped his sorry bitch ass.

2. Fred Durst needs to be car-raped for being a total shitstain in America's rock music scene.

Mark H. Contributing to Urban Dictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 15, 2004
unwanted, forceful entry into my lane usually without a blinker.
Did you see that f250 car rape that neon?
by chesh1986 March 07, 2014
A type of porch.
Also a bloody act.
We sat and sampled fine vinegars on the carrapé for about an hour.

The Patriots were all victims of carrapé.
by Dylan Delta September 12, 2011
When a rapist waits in a car parked in a dark parking lot. So when the driver enters the car they gets a raped.
My dome light is dead. I need to get that fixed, cause I'm always afraid of getting car-raped after work.
by rTHEb February 17, 2010
Stealing a car in order to have sex with the exaughst
Who f*ucking car raped my exaughst
by Stewierokks August 18, 2007