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The practice of strategically positioning oneself near a future point in the trajectory of a moving individual and timing one's flatulence to coincide with the individual's passing so that individual unknowingly passes through the nauseous gases causing dizziness, vomiting, rashes, temporary blindness, loss of appetite, disorientation, disgust, and general contempt. May also cause hilarity for the individual acting as the car wash. The act is similar to a car passing through a car wash but instead of getting clean, the victim usually just feels plain dirty.
Person 1: What's that pile of vomit behind you?

Person 2: (Smiling) I'm car washing people and Bill threw up.
by Stolotski January 18, 2012
The act of several men, in two horizontal lines, covering a willing female in their ejaculate
Mary spent many hours washing away the man paste after a good session of carwashing
by Smart Pete January 06, 2006
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