After having anal sex with someone, a man then inserts his penis into their mouth for oral sex.
She gave me a car wash.
by Moon Pix February 03, 2005
when you titty-fuck a girl backwards and she licks your ass
yo B i took my girl to the car wash last night
by andrew March 21, 2005
during an orgy one male stands with his legs spread. Woman and/or transvestites crawl through the mans open legs. During which the man excretes feces and urine on to the passing humanoids.
We had a car wash and it was a lot of fun.
by vasdfvd dsafgasdfds November 24, 2004
When you and your lady friend are in the shower gettin' freaky and she squeezes some soap in her mouth and starts slobbin on your veggies like your dong's in a car wash.
Chad: Yea dude we were in the shower and she was just shankin my shaft when she puts some old spice in her yapper and starts givin me ill dome

Trent: Awwww no way man she took you to the car wash! Niiiiiccee
by blackman002 August 18, 2014

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