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Oral Sex performed in a car
This blonde gave me a car wash in the parking lot of Wendys
by ronaldoc November 02, 2008
2 5
when a person sits against a wall and a woman places one foot on said wall while standing in front of them and practically washes their face with her vaginal juices, clitoris, and orgasm liquids.
Mary gave John a carwash yesterday in the back of the house.

There's a nail sticking out of this wall, Lisa; can you carwash me somewhere else?
by WidowodadjiaN October 18, 2008
10 13
A sexual act in which the male performs a reverse titty fuck so his ass and balls are over her face. The males balls then rub up and down her face making the motion of machines cleaning a car at a car wash.
I totally car washed a girl last night. My balls smacked her face so hard!
by original car wash September 05, 2008
4 7
four consecutive strikes in a game of bowling
Peter scored a car wash to beat me at the bowling alley.
by Thadeus January 28, 2008
11 14
Relates to the relationship between the two CSI: Miami characters, Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne. Stands for Calleigh Ryan Wolfe duqueSne.
"Did you see that CaRWaSh scene last night on CSI: Miami?"
"Of course! Calleigh called him babe!"
by Moggiye November 10, 2006
11 14
When your loved one gives you a wet, sloppy zerbert and then blows it dry with a steady stream of breath.
Jeff gave me a car wash this morning as he was walking out the door.
by MoxieB May 03, 2009
0 4
When you're taking a big heavy shit and the water splashes into your asshole...Hence the name Carwash
Dude! I had White Castle last night and it came with a free carwash.
by Supa MC August 28, 2008
5 9