A sexual act in which the male performs a reverse titty fuck so his ass and balls are over her face. The males balls then rub up and down her face making the motion of machines cleaning a car at a car wash.
I totally car washed a girl last night. My balls smacked her face so hard!
by original car wash September 05, 2008
four consecutive strikes in a game of bowling
Peter scored a car wash to beat me at the bowling alley.
by Thadeus January 28, 2008
A Car Wash is giving a girl anal sex then having her perform oral sex so you can follow up with vaginal sex.
After banging Lezli in the ass I had her go down on me so I could bang her in the pussy with less risk of her getting a vaginal infection. Car Wash was coined by me in summer of 2002.
by Louis Coffin July 29, 2007
Relates to the relationship between the two CSI: Miami characters, Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne. Stands for Calleigh Ryan Wolfe duqueSne.
"Did you see that CaRWaSh scene last night on CSI: Miami?"
"Of course! Calleigh called him babe!"
by Moggiye November 10, 2006
Your Lover (Female/Male) lies on their back, you then take your testicles and dip them into your lover's mouth soaking them. You then pull out your now soaked testicles and drag them along your lover's face. When your testicles reach your lover's forehead you fart on your lover's face to dry them off. CARWASH
Ever washed your car.... samething but using your balls and asshole Car Wash
by AKA(Imodium) January 25, 2010
When your loved one gives you a wet, sloppy zerbert and then blows it dry with a steady stream of breath.
Jeff gave me a car wash this morning as he was walking out the door.
by MoxieB May 03, 2009
another word used to describe a blow job which is the act of having sex with the mouth look also in oral sex
"dude i was at my girlfriends house and she gave me a car wash, she washed the most important car of all"
by xander torres July 10, 2008

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