a hardcore motorboat, a motorboat that would leave men awestruck and mind-blown
Sherri blew my mind with that carwash last night.
by APU & The Stooge January 28, 2012
When a person is shat upon by multiple people, that person must then crawl on all fours as the people involved pee on them until squeaky clean.
Rachel got a car wash last night from the whole fraternity.
by Stuttering prick June 15, 2012
When you and your lady friend are in the shower gettin' freaky and she squeezes some soap in her mouth and starts slobbin on your veggies like your dong's in a car wash.
Chad: Yea dude we were in the shower and she was just shankin my shaft when she puts some old spice in her yapper and starts givin me ill dome

Trent: Awwww no way man she took you to the car wash! Niiiiiccee
by blackman002 August 18, 2014
The rapid degradation of a female reproductive(i.e.pussy, gash, cunt, hatchet wound) through violent and sudden digital stimulus (finger-bang, finger-blast) with sharpened fingernails.
The night before last I done car wash wifey dun.
by Wu tang Type Slang December 02, 2009
When two people lick another's vagina and asshole at the same time. Thus resembling a car wash, by cleaning both holes at the same time.
"Hey man want to go car wash that chick?" "OK I call the ass!" "Alright I got her vajj"
by Shock Burner October 01, 2009
The girl must be wearing glasses. Poop is first thrown on the ladies face to act as mud. The male then ejaculates on her on her glasses, simulating soapy bubbles. He must dangle and swab his hairy scrotum across the glasses to scrub. Next he proceeds to urinate on her face to rinse off the mud and soap. And immediately turns around and blows a fart in her face to hot dry.
Man I ran her through the car wash last night, she was not happy.
by Dudley Goodlove November 13, 2008
Oral Sex performed in a car
This blonde gave me a car wash in the parking lot of Wendys
by ronaldoc November 02, 2008
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