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When a driver tries to share a lane with another driver because he doesnt know how to drive.
Casmine: Car A is moving into Car Bs lane because Driver As car has a car crush on Car B.
Jameron: No idiot, Driver A just cant drive!!
by J.Nsty August 16, 2009
5 1
1) That hot guy/girl in a nearby car that you develop a crush on as soon as you see them... that you will probably never see again

2) A really nice car you see while out driving that you instantly want
1) Passenger: "Oh man..."
Driver: "What?"
Passenger: "That blond in the black Camero next to us is HOT."
Driver: "Woah... I've got a new car crush."

2) Driver: "Dude, check out that Lotus!"
Passenger: "Yeah, I've had a car crush on it for the last few miles."
by shleeisme November 03, 2010
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