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A meaningless USDA USFS reporting tool which attempts to relate state population census to state accomplishment reporting for urban and community forestry.
Wow in my CARS report I have a .60 efficiency rating with population and federal support - what am I going to do with that?
by U&CF Forester August 24, 2009
a dope way to say care.
Hysterical person: I FAILED MY MATH EXAM!!!!! HALP

Random guy: I don't car.
by gr0es April 11, 2011
Acronym for "Chicken and Rice"
Mainly used in New York City
Wow....I haven't had car in such a long time....
by yoyoyoeji April 15, 2011
Car is the papers that you use to smoke weed
Ay you got the cars I got the gas
by Hammatrixcargas July 03, 2010
A gang or group that will watch your back and expect you to do the same.
"Yo homie you in this car?"
by DEE! March 03, 2009
In a different language car means a man's penis.
I need a microscope to see that car!
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
n. Chronic Ass-Rape Syndrome; a condition characterized by the inflamatio of the rectal area after excessive or continuous insertions due to unwanted anal sex. Causes general discomfort and possibly acute pain. In rare, severe cases, surgery is needed to repair the anal cavity. Found generally in males and females of low self-esteem or those easily influenced by alcohol and/or "date rape" drugs. There is no know cure for this condition, however, if symptoms are found, see a doctor immediately for possible treatment and discontinue the drinking of alcohol at parties to avoid entering a situation in which you could be anally raped.
"HAHAHAH did you hear? She has CARS from getting raped up the ass so many times!"
by Henry6969 January 19, 2006