Are you really looking up car.
Guy 1: what's a car
Guy 2: do you have a brain
by My real name here November 30, 2014
A meaningless USDA USFS reporting tool which attempts to relate state population census to state accomplishment reporting for urban and community forestry.
Wow in my CARS report I have a .60 efficiency rating with population and federal support - what am I going to do with that?
by U&CF Forester August 24, 2009
It has four wheels, and it is not a truck, semi, or a go-cart
It's not a fucking car, it's a truck Manny!
by Sacan December 13, 2014
A Dick. A Penis. Whatever you call it
Dude, look at that big 'ol car!
by NiCoCanabis December 01, 2014
a dope way to say care.
Hysterical person: I FAILED MY MATH EXAM!!!!! HALP

Random guy: I don't car.
by gr0es April 11, 2011
Acronym for "Chicken and Rice"
Mainly used in New York City
Wow....I haven't had car in such a long time....
by yoyoyoeji April 15, 2011
Car is the papers that you use to smoke weed
Ay you got the cars I got the gas
by Hammatrixcargas July 03, 2010
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