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another word used to describe a blow job which is the act of having sex with the mouth look also in oral sex
"dude i was at my girlfriends house and she gave me a car wash, she washed the most important car of all"
by xander torres July 10, 2008
When a man gets on his knees and has two women, both with large breasts, stand on either side of him. The women then proceed to use their four breasts to wash his face like a car in a carwash. May also be attempted with three women and six large breasts.
My girlfriend and her roommate gave me a carwash with their giant knockers last night.
by Johnny Omaha April 01, 2008
A Car Wash is giving a girl anal sex then having her perform oral sex so you can follow up with vaginal sex.
After banging Lezli in the ass I had her go down on me so I could bang her in the pussy with less risk of her getting a vaginal infection. Car Wash was coined by me in summer of 2002.
by Louis Coffin July 29, 2007
When a female fills her mouth with shampoo or soapy water and then sucks a males penis whilst swirling her tongue around and around in a circular motion
"Dude! that slut over there gave me a carwash last night! not only did it feel amazing but wen i pulled it out it was sparkly clean!"
by spacer54 September 24, 2008
multiple guys using their tounges to give a girl the proper cleaning she deserves.
The guys and i gave Bree the First and best car wash. Not only was she clean she enjoyed it.
by Leonard March 19, 2005
while in the act of being naked and in the shower with a woman. the man drops his sac to the lowest point that gravity allows. then the woman proceeds by crawling underneath and between his legs, causing her face to directly hit his soapy testes. thus creating the same cleaning effect as a car going through a car wash.
damn, I just gave sonyah the best car wash of her life. but I think her pimples rubbed off on me though. now I've got zitty balls.
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
to have anal sex with a woman, thus getting ones penis dirty with bile, thus turning woman over and inserting penis in wet vagina to clean it off.
man i was bangin this big booty bitch in the butt, and she got my dick covered in shit so i flipped her ass around and had to get my carwashed.
by streit_phame August 21, 2006