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Probably the best police enforcement team known to man. This team consists of Arcot Ramathorn (Ram) and Rod Farva (Rod).

They spend most of their time patroling the dangerous highways of Vermont.

You can occasionally find them eating at their favorite fast food joint, "Dimpus Burger."
Farva; "you didnt say 'car ramrod'"
Ramathorn; "oh, i forgot"
Farve; "but i wrote it down."
Ramathorn; "oh yeah.."
by Act As If January 01, 2005

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this is a name used to describe state patrol.
yo man, that ram-rod was ridin my ass
by Amanda December 14, 2004
A shifter stick in a manual transmission vehicle that is used as a dildoh.
Where did you get THAT car ramrod?
by The Squid March 20, 2003