a place to deposit one's car
Im going to go park in the car hole
see simpsons
by penguin October 28, 2002
Top Definition
A household garage.
Moe: "Ohh, Mr. fancy man, a garage..."
Homer: "Well, what do you call it?"
Moe: "I call it a carhole."

(later on) Homer: "A counterfiet jeans ring running out of my carhole, I gotta tell the guys!"
by A.C. Sativa June 05, 2013
a Garage
i parked my Zibatsu Monstrosity in the car hole!
by r3n October 28, 2002
Asshole driving a car.
"I got cut off by some carhole on the way to work today."

"Fucking carhole!!!"
by red dreads November 03, 2013
The buliding you park your car into. Also known as a garage.
My exwife's pussy is the size of a car hole.
by mark snider February 16, 2004
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