A derogatory term for a person that looks like he dresses poorly, or any other trait that is similar to a car guard. It is also an insulting term even if the person it is directed to resembles nothing of a car guard.
Your Mother's a card guard.
by vinniepaz June 08, 2005
Top Definition
A Person that is supposed to guard your car wherever it is parked, Although most of them are too drunk or high to be of any protection to your car. And if you dont tip some of them enough they will fuck your car up.
Yeah some car guard fucked my car up! My father got mugged by some associates of the car guard, after he tipped him.
by vinniepaz June 08, 2005
A girlfriend or boyfriend that is too clingy. The word comes from south Africa where car guards beg for money after supposedly guarding your car.
Alan is being such a car guard
by Bruce6753 January 05, 2013
A person who exhibits uncharacteristic behavior and who acts in the manner of that expected of a carguard. (Almost Hobo Like)
Man your a Carguard.
Now he's a Carguard.
by DeathKnight January 19, 2004
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