A device which insecure people waste money on because they are afraid their sacred, shiny cars will be stolen. Since about 99.9% of car alarms are false alarms, however, the owners eventually forget why they got the alarm in the first place, and get used to their cars crying wolf after a few occurrences.

Occasionally this will encourage angry neighbors to do whatever they can to put themselves and these useless devices out of their misery. This may include vandalizing the offending cars until they can disarm the screeching, honking, blaring whiners. Therefore, car alarms actually lead to more damage than good, and are one of the most foolish inventions in the history of mankind.
For the fiftieth time in two weeks, the car alarm went off triggered by a bird who perched itself on the trunk, which caused a neighbor to get a baton and whack the offending automobile until he was able to get to the alarm and break it in two. Five minutes later, as the commercial break arrived during the action thriller movie, the car owner came out. Suddenly he realized that the alarm he had originally came to stop was no longer blaring away. He then saw the damage to his precious luxury and fainted.
by Boxcar Bob February 24, 2008
Top Definition
a cerent sound that is fuckin anoying when your watchin your favorite show late at night a car alarm goes off for like 46min
so I was watchin summerland and a car alarm went off and i wrote lyrics now everytime I hear one I stand on my bed and I like:
~~im a car
~~~gassoline makes me run
~~~~back seat trunk space
~~~~~hello lets go for a ride
~~~~~~oil is my blood
~~~~~~~seat belts, radio knobs.
said by one of the most famous funny people I have herd Dane Cook
by Plays with squarrils July 18, 2006
Any person that will not shut the fuck up.
Oh my god, she's still talking?
Yeah, total fucking car alarm
by Mister Marc December 01, 2015
When a man with stretches out his balls, wraps up his cell phone with them, and has his wife/girlfriend call him
Fuck a scrotal tuck I rather have my wife give me a car alarm. Talk about good vibrations.
by Hush Lecter February 18, 2010
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