To kick another dude in the balls
Bill: What?
*Bill gets his balls busted*

Aaron: You have been educated
by SargeHavoc May 11, 2008
A sexual act in which a person takes their hand (which has a ring on their finger) and fists a male in the ass and a female in the ass or vagina.
"Man I gave that girl a captain planet the other day! I took my ring hand, balled it up into a fist and said AHHHHHHHH and shoved it up in there...what a night."
by IndecentProposal September 08, 2008
A commie retard that needs to have his skull thrown into a bone-pile somewhere in Cambodia
If you don't stop trying to ruin America with your commie BS I'm gonna captain planet your ass!
by George Washington March 05, 2004
a guy who is soo cool he rocks my socks!
Captain Planet rules my entirely unpolluted world!
by ivy March 03, 2004
Dumbest show ever made. Nobody cares about saving the world anyway.
The power is yours to LOOT and POLLUTE!
by Duke Nukem March 22, 2003
The most evil cartoon ever made. It has subliminal messages in it to brainwash kids into not drving, not using the air conditioner, not killing animals, not turning the light on (is this guy fucked up or what?!) and being an eviormental terrorist.
If kids didn't watch Captain Planet when they were young then the country wouldn't be in shit right now.
by weirdgirl June 13, 2003
a gay ass satanic/communist cartoon
captain planet is the devil
by I fart on Ted Turner's nose March 03, 2005

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