The act of defecating inside a girl's mouth. Named for Captain Kirk, a character played by William Shatner on the TV series "Star Trek."
"...and then I gave her the Captain Kirk..."

"Wait, what does that mean?"

"You know, she opened her mouth and then I Shatner!"
by Dakota Dick April 28, 2010
Work. One's place of employment.
"See you later, I'm off to Captain Kirk"
"Captain Kirk sucks! I'm going on the dole!"
by Simon Cowels May 24, 2008
verb - The act of pushing toilet paper up you hole and twisting it around to make sure you are extra clean up there because much like the legendary star trek commander you are boldly going where no mans gone before in order to circle Uranus in search of Klingons!
I was sure she was going to toss my salad so I Captain Kirked real good
by Johnny DeWadd Watkins December 27, 2006
the act of inserting 2 fingers into the vagina and 2 fingers into the anus. also known as the spock or 2 in the pink 2 in the stink.
let me introduce you to captain kirk
by r. o'conner November 07, 2007
Someone who owns a crappy toupeé; a loser who doesn't even know how to say lines... someone who gets on others nerves, and who flirts with every female/male that they see.
Man, such-and-such is such a Captain Kirk, that it's not even funny!!
by A clog March 01, 2007
A guy who supports, both financially and emotionally, a marginally attractive female with few redeeming qualities. Mainstream origins derive from a Master P song. In common usage, it's highly synonymous with caker.
"Damn, Nick is always with Amy, taking her out, buying her shit. And that girl is busted! What a Captain Kirk!"
by MSR27 March 04, 2006
A long, skinny, curvy dick.
Watch left, Captain Kirk is gonna blow his load!

She drenched his Captain Kirk while texting her girlfriend.
by fmywet87 March 17, 2016
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