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Capreol A.K.A. Cape-Town
A small town on the outskirts of sudbury, ontario. There isn't really much to do in capreol aside from it has one of the best skate parks in northern ontario apparently. This town is filled with wangsters and chavs though there is a small population of emos. There is not much shopping in capreol either. It is mostly all corner stores and shitty restaurants. Here almost everyone knows each other and can name every kid from St.Marys on the spot.

There are only two schools in capreol C.R.JUDD (Public) and St.Marys (Catholic) Most kids go to C.R.JUDD but there are few that go to school at St.Marys or St.Annes in Hanmer.

Everywhere you go no matter what time it is you will always see someone walking around town. There are certain areas populated by certain types of people. Most kids can be found either at the arena, the Millenium Center, or walking around those areas.

There are many events that go on in capreol, The lighting of the tree which is usually in late november early december where everyone meets up at the cenetaff across from the liquor store to watch the gaint tree light up, Old timers tourney, usually in mid January where old men sign up and play hockey, Capreol days, which is held during August or July and has a baseball tournament and is always over exagurated. And ther are many more.

Capreol is a hockey oriented town. Almost everyone that lives ther has played hockey or plays hockey or has a family member that play hockey. Almost every weekend there is a tournament which usually causes many kids to miss school on fridays. Capreol's team is called the "Capreol Hawks".

Capreol is basicaly a pretty boring town where not much goes on and the biggest news really is "Did you see that fire ast night?" or "Did you see the fight during the hockey game last night?"
Cole: "Did you see that fire last night on coulson Street?"
Danica: "Yeah my dad was there"
Cole: "Oh yeah mine to, hes a volenteer firefighter just like everyone else's dad in capreol."

Anthony: "Did you see the fight Pat got into last night during the game?"
Bruce: " Yeah it was totally awesome, I heard his dad paid him 10$ for getting into that fight."

by pwnedby.... March 01, 2008
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