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A self-centered individual with conservative political values and leanings who thinks nothing of spending upwards of $5 for a single cup of hot liquid (cappuccino) but is less likely to have empathy for the less fortunate by supporting social/political causes catering to the "underserved" because it does not provide a good return on their investment i.e., United Way, Habitat for Humanity or Planned Parenthood. The conservative belief is that they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, so should others beneath them on lower rungs of the economic ladder.
The cappuccino conservative (CappuCon) turns a deaf ear to the plea for supporting efforts to raise the minimum wage because he worked hard for his six-figure salary and believed others should do the same. The cappuccino conservative also is not supportive of United Way efforts because too much of the money goes to programs for people on the other side of the tracks.
by Mike right February 06, 2012
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