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Capella, also known as α Aurigae, is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga.
Capella is one of my favorite stars!
by Auridus February 05, 2013
A Very Sexy and funny girl. She is easy to get along with until you piss her off. Most girls are jealous of her beautiful looks and perfect personality. Shes good in bed and never forgets your mistakes. She loves her best friends and if you hurt one you will regret it.
She's such a Capella
Help me be more of a Capella?
by wish upon a star December 04, 2011
A nice mazda - just like a 626/mx-6 - Some even have the 2.0L Fe-DOHC engine - make sure you get a manual or you WILL have problems such as no reverse or massive slip.
My Capella has been through 2 auto transmissions as they are shit.

I wish I had of brought a manual capella because I lost reverse and 3rd and 4th gear.
by Mike Edwards August 02, 2005
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