The pathetic dick of New Jersey inhabited by inbreds and whiggers. A shitty little place where morons flock in the summer to go to the unimpressive beaches, and wonder in and out of dozens of little "shoppes" that are all filled with the same useless shit.
Drunken Cape May Regular: "I LOVE CAPE MAAAAAYY!!!"

Poor Bastard Forced to Visit Cape May (PBFVCM): "Someday, some how, I will blow this shit hole back to the stone age"
by Don William Arminon September 01, 2008
Top Definition
the place where everyone vacations but yet makes fun of jersey people. in the winter there is nothing to do but in the summer it isthe place to be.
cape may is the shit
by courtnizzle June 23, 2006
A pretty nice beach in New Jersey. Like any other beach it's buzzing in Summer and dead in Winter. It has some nice stores and lots of old Victorian style buildings. It also has a concrete sunken ship. Carney's and Henry's are the best places to eat.
If you really want to see a sunken concrete ship, go to Cape May.
by Choclat Puddin August 03, 2008
A bunch of old people who goes down to the shore for vacation.
Look at the old bastards walking around Cape May with their sweaters around their neck.
by pete February 18, 2005
piece of shit place at the jersey shore, contains a bunch of poser surfers, who just fall over on the 2 foot waves.
look at those little bitches goin down to cape may.
by XxX June 01, 2004
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