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Girls with no shame or inhibitions. Stoners, always up for a good time with a hot guy. Can be found sunbathing on the beach, drinking on the beach, or working their asses off so they can afford marijuana, college, and beer. Most try to work in a restaurant b/c of the money. So go out to eat and meet a hot chick.
a Cape girl only qualifies if she's a local
by Casey May 06, 2005
67 103
preppy, crazy, fun.a real cape girl can drink any other girl under the table. most likely will kick your ass in bei ruit or flip cup. doesn't mind pissing on the beach or in the woods. is usually found at a house party, a bon fire on the beach, or fish bowling a car with 4 other cape girls in her own driveway.
cape girls are wicked awesome!
by anonymous April 12, 2005
386 205
Cape girls (noun, adj. adv. basically can be anything you like) describes a unique breed of young women like no other. They are born and raised to swim, drink, play in the sand, and live life to the fullest like it's always summer. Their life is your vacation. They know the cape is still fun in the winter because they aren't just tourists. They know every beach there is and have partied on all of them. They can go drink for drink with anyone at anytime. They take drinking games as serious as the olympics i.e THEY WILL WRECK YOU at whatever game you throw at them all while looking cute in a bikini. Find them at the beach, on a sailboat, by a bonfire, but wherever you find them make sure you don't let them go. CAPE GIRLS ARE A KEEP!
Hot girls with cold beers in hand at all time- the 8th world wonder
by RMD May 02, 2005
182 113
1) A young female who requires only a small amount of alcohol in order to begin making out.
2)A young woman who lacks sexual scruples.
1) Look at that girl over there mackin' it with the football team! How much did she drink? One beer? God, she's such a Cape Girl!
2)Person A: Who in their right mind would find greasy white dudes who appropriate black culture attractive?
Person B: I dunno, probably Cape Girls.
by caper September 14, 2006
70 18
Cape Girls aren't like other girls. They know how to have fun, keep the good times rolling, not just party, but do things others wouldn't think of. Growing up with sand between their toes, wind in their hair, and the smell of the ocean, they grew up in the best place on Earth. There's nothin like the wild things they do at night, during the day, chillin at the beach, late nights on the sand, bonfires, parties, driving around with the top down and a bathing suit on, never ending summers, cuz no matter what time of the year it is, there's always something to do on the cape and the cape girls kno about it. Looking for a tan, hott girl who knows whats up, might break your heart cuz once you leave, you wont forget her but there's always more of you, and wherever she goes, she'll always have the memories of the best years one could have....
A cape girl lives your vacation...
by Cape Girl Herself May 08, 2005
119 110
A group of girls who are completely dependent on their friends that they can't even get out and do something with their lives.

They act like life is just an extension of high school.

They are so needy for attention, yet so boring, that they will drink to have something to talk/brag about.

They can usually be found in the same boring places drinking and looking pretty trashy.
You'll find that they say things like, "Cape Cod Love", "I love my gurrrrllss", "good times", "They say you only live once....but when you live like us - once is enough..." and other brainless phrases.
by Someone From CC May 02, 2005
90 80
Hot girls with nice bodys who know how to toke and not choke.
Them cape girls are chill.
by redman January 01, 2004
144 142
Noun: Adj: A complete beach bum. Knows how to drink and will infact go drink for drink with anyone. Knows how to throw it down any night of the week, and still be up for work the next morning. Weekends..actually everyday, consist of a beirut game and tokin' up. Dance like crazy, are cute as hell, hate tourists, and can drive everything and anything. Party on the beach at any time of the year, but still know how to do it up at any house party. Can spot a bon fire from a mile away. Laid back and chill. Might as well be the OC, just not as rich. Are the absolute best.
1: Dude, u wana go to the beach??
2: Aright yo, lets go smoke a bowl first
1: thats straight. Lets goooo
2: Oh, theres a huge party tonight down on Chapin
1: NIIIIIIICE dude, i love bein a cape girl
by CapeLove12 September 27, 2005
94 92