A Very rich Maine community with a School (Cape Elizabeth High School) at which Jackasses are as plentiful as Audi's in the student parking lot
After beating Mountain Valley High School by 2 point in a regular season game the entire town of Cape Elizabeth stormed the field like a bunch of ass holes
by Unknown Student November 06, 2007
Top Definition
A small town in Maine. Where you can find Fort Williams Park, Two lights and Crescent Beach State Parks. Also the local hotel In by the Sea. Which is nice and cozy. They also have great food. There is a local high school Cape Elizabeth High. They also have a middle, elementary, and preschool. The town is also about 15 minutes outside of Portland.
I went to Cape Elizabeth this summer to have a lobster roll with my family at Two Lights. We then went to Fort Williams.
by Unknown person234 November 05, 2013
cape elizabeth is one of the coolest places in maine! it's rich, but people are cool and the beaches are good. they have a lighthouse.
welcome to cape elizabeth lighthouse !
by christine catsos April 29, 2006
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