a gorgeous girl with amazing talents in the arts as well as genius-level brainpower...really, an overall perfect girl
A: Dude, look at that hot chick that's doing the awesome dance move!!
B: Yeah that's Cansu!
by livebackwards! December 09, 2009
hot foreign chick who for some reason hangs out with assholes and won't talk to you
You: Hey! Sup?
Cansu: ...
Douchebag: Hey babe! Wanna go make out obnoxiously to piss people off?
Cansu: Sure! *runs off with douchebag*
by cafnhrjhasvasf December 31, 2010
Girl who plays kick-ass guitar and happens to be very good looking.
Man, that girl on stage sure knows how to play her guitar, and boy is she good looking. She's such a Cansu!
by Sahar SS October 15, 2007

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