(verb) To throw away, get rid of, fire (an employee), shut up (get rid of what you were talking about). Also shitcan.
"Can that crap -- we've heard it all before."
by anarcissie April 04, 2008
1. To give up on or desist from an activity.
2. To fire (an employee).
3. Buttocks; keester; butt; rump; gluteus maximus.
4. Jail; the slammer; hoosegow; calabozo; graybar motel; the jug.
5. Complete and on reserve, as of a film.
1. Can the tickling, kids, before someone starts to cry.
2. I thought the boss was going to give me a raise, but instead I got canned.
3. She had a can on her like the Queen of Bulgaria.
4. I got outta the can last week and yesterday I got busted again.
5. UPN has five episodes in the can, so don't worry about them.
by Octopod November 06, 2003
aww shit! i cant find the can! im gonna pee my self
by Lizzle May 17, 2003
Cheating ass nigga!!!
My boyfriend is a c.a.n!!!
by king&queen MH March 27, 2014
A can (cocky ass nigger) is one of those really annoying people who walk through the hallways at school screaming "AYYYYYEEEE" for no apparent reason and break dance every day at lunch time in front of a bunch of people so that they can get attention. During class, cans have a tendency to shout random things so that they can get attention. A majority of cans are Filipino and hypebeast, however they can come in any shape, size, or race.
Boy 1: "Omg where the hell are we supposed eat lunch??? Those stupid cans took up the entire hallway with their break dancing crew again."
Boy 2: "Thats ok we can just sit outside..."
*Goes outside*
Boy 1: "OMG WTF I hate my life these stupid cans need to back the fuck off nobody cares about them"
Boy 2: "Don't worry, class will be starting soon, we won't have to deal with them then."
*Goes to class*
Teacher: "In order to find the value x, we need to plug in the coordinates into the other equation and..."
Random Can: "hahahaahaha, I plugged x into your mom! OHHHH!!!!"
by andrewpottz May 19, 2011
Can is a gang related word. When referring to spray paint, people use the word "can" as a code word so as not to attract attention when used publicly.
by Pumba (M.J.L.) March 24, 2010
slang for aerosol spray paint cans
ay foo did u bring the cans?
by graffking July 28, 2009

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