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A usually cylindrical airtight metal container usually made of tin-coated iron, in which foods or beverages are preserved.
by Parallax May 26, 2003
25 11
A lesser-known, racist term for a Hispanic person. The equivalent of the "wetback".
Man, I am an ignorant redneck and therefore hate those cans.
by Maxwellv August 09, 2006
4 5
Implement used for smoking weed, made from a common beverage can once empty. Employs the principle of a gravity bong. The top side is dented in to provide for a flat surface, with holes poked in it to allow smoke to enter into the can and be inhaled from the opening commonly used for drinking. Very easy to make and therefore there is no such thing as a good can... just bad ones and ones that work.
Why do we always have to smoke out of a can?
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
9 10
1. To give up on or desist from an activity.
2. To fire (an employee).
3. Buttocks; keester; butt; rump; gluteus maximus.
4. Jail; the slammer; hoosegow; calabozo; graybar motel; the jug.
5. Complete and on reserve, as of a film.
1. Can the tickling, kids, before someone starts to cry.
2. I thought the boss was going to give me a raise, but instead I got canned.
3. She had a can on her like the Queen of Bulgaria.
4. I got outta the can last week and yesterday I got busted again.
5. UPN has five episodes in the can, so don't worry about them.
by Octopod November 06, 2003
8 9
aww shit! i cant find the can! im gonna pee my self
by Lizzle May 17, 2003
11 12
I'll be right back, I need to go to the can.
by Anonymous November 20, 2002
16 17
1.to put someone in the trash

2.trash can
2.thats a nice trash can u got there

1.we should can that lil bitch
by the weedmann December 13, 2005
3 5
a Creepin Ass Nigga.
someone who creeps.
yo that guy is a total C.A.N., he is always on her facebook wall.
by Sherma October 13, 2010
3 6